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Tonight our Lunar Goddess takes the form of a Waning Crescent in the sign of Aquarius. Tonight’s Mansion is the “Rebel” which is ruled by Uranus and Mercury. When quick thinking Mercury conjoins with forward thinking Uranus the energy is supercharged for breaking ceilings and dismantling limitations. For every dream that seems too big today ask, “why can’t it be so?”

For every vision that seems too far away to be real ask,”How can I bridge the distance?” Finding power in rebelliousness means to own the callings of ones own soul. That means if your soul is being called in a direction where a mountain of an obstacle lies in the your path, rather than changing course in favor of something simpler, we decide that mountain can and will be moved. It is extremely important to discern whether you are being led somewhere by your ego or by your soul. The ego can lead us many places where the divine will step in with a firm “No more.” The Soul however is led by truth and there is no force stronger than truth. Will also is an immeasurable force. Don’t take it lightly. When a soul decides its path and what is true, resonate and relevant to its fulfillment the universe responds with gateways and opportunities that we simply wouldn’t be able to discern from a limited perspective. Today, rebel against notions of complacency. Rebel against the idea of settling. Rebel against all that doesn’t align with your soul’s calling and leap into your brand of freedom.


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