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ASYLUM - seeking peace

The essence of this card is the embodiment of the sacred peace that unfolds when we allow ourselves to detach from all worldly energy for a time and instead connect only to the things that are the most nourishing and complimentary to an existence bathed in divine love. Asylum can come in as many forms as there are individuals on this planet. The key is that it provides an energy of respite from the day to day and reminds us of our divinity and place within this world. For some Asylum may come in the arms of a devoted lover, for others it could be in a space of total solitude and for others still it could be in a room bursting with the energy of their closest companions. Asylum can come in the form of a good book, a favorite song and even in the aroma of your favorite meal or grandmother’s perfume. Whichever form asylum takes for you just know that peace is a crucial part of our experience on this planet if we hope to make it a truly beautiful one. No matter how busy your schedule may be there is always time for a moment of respite from your demands. Always. Remember, time is of the essence which in truth means time only holds the power of that which we assign to it. So, if you’re always telling yourself you have no time, there will be no time for anything, whereas if you acknowledge time is as fluid and changeable as life itself you will very likely find there is enough room in your world for a schedule balanced with moments of peace and pleasure.

Today I invite you to ask, “What is my personal asylum?” From there grant yourself the gift of being totally immersed in that sacred space.


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