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Today our Gibbous Moon continues to wane in the sign of Gemini until it reaches the first breaths of Cancer.

The key magical word for the day is reputation.

Today we are asked to continue our journey into transparent observation of how we relate to, communicate with and are seen by others. Though Individuality is crucial on the journey of self discovery, collaborative dreaming allows us to deepen our connection to the great spirit which is apart of every one of us. It allows us to add magnetism and vibrancy to our visions. At this time it is wise to think of your current ideas and dreams as a delicious entree with the goal being to add it to a delicious eight course meal. Imagine the different textures, the different flavors that will allow your dream entree to become that much richer and far reaching in impact than it could be sitting alone upon the table.

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zones and into the light of community. Through collaboration the vibrational rise of this planet is inevitable, through collaboration one can remember that though the awakened path may be quieter than most it does not have to be walked in isolation.

Since we are still in the grips of mercury retrograde this makes the need for clear, transparent communication at an all time high. Misreading signals and the misinterpretation of intentions is tantalizingly easy at this time, so be sure to pause and reflect before responding to any thought provoking situation of importance to you. Remember the goal is always to respond rather than react and this retrograde is full of reactive energy. Slow down, be mindful and speak with clear intent.

Today’s Mansion is known as “The Visitor”

with sensual, romantic Venus coming together with mysterious Uranus energy this mansion signifies a time where our personal relationships are flourishing in surprising ways. This is definitely a time to expect the unexpected, so be open to possibilities and be mindful to release any expectancies about how things should play out. Placing an expectation upon a situation can keep it from reaching its fullest potential.

Embrace the mysterious and strange at this time as allowing yourself to release your inhibitions may land you in the experience of a lifetime.

Athene continues to reign as our White Moon Goddess.

The gifts of wisdom given to her and symbolized by her totem owl can be embodied by allowing the merging of our spirit with her sacred divine feminine energy.

You can begin this sacred process by reciting the divine invocation below,

“Athene, mistress of all seeing vision

may your grace enlighten me with the

gift of divine sight.

Through the guided warfare of my soul

I release the shadows and become whole.

I invite you in for this sacred dance,

together we form a celestial bond

of goddess energy and sacred synergy.

so it is.”

to complete the love offering and merge with Athene allow yourself to offer your body by engaging in sacred dance or stretching with intention. Focus on your breath and resist the urge to chase your thoughts, let your mind be emptied by the cosmic vacuum.


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