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Tonight our Moon continues her stay in the sign of Gemini. She now enters the Mansion known as the “Bridge” which is ruled by Venus and Mercury. When planetary forces join for this particular dance we are invited to see ourselves as the alchemist in our world with the potential to harmoniously bridge elements that feel even the most contrary to one another. Both Venus and Mercury are planets that highlight the need for expression but the way each planet embodies its expressive nature is quite different from one another. Venus energy is sensuous and reveals itself layer by layer. Mercurial energy moves rapidly from one subject to the next shining light upon all that it touches. Though these energies may feel like extremes, as Alchemists we must recognize ourselves as the conduit for all heavenly energies which means we can transmute and redirect at will. Truly will is all it takes.

Today we are invited to look at our world to see where we may need to direct and redirect energy to ensure the most successful flow of our potential. We are invited to shift the balance back from areas in our world where we may be offering too much or too little sustenance. Above all we are invited to explore new means of sustaining balance in our world. When our energy isn’t in balance are the moments we find ourselves feeling inexplicably depleted, anxious or depressed. If you find that you resonate with more of a Venusian energy today would be a divine day to begin embodying the Mercurial movement and vice versa.

*Where to check in*

Have you been offering enough time and energy to your personal projects, relationships and goals?Have you been pushing aside your obligations to focus on one particular thing/ person? Can you effectively communicate to yourself what your visions/ plans of action are for the future?

Athene reigns another day as our White Moon Goddess. She reminds us of the unstoppable force that each of us may become when we allow ourselves to truly embody all that which rings resonate to our soul.

Worry not about the perceptions of others. The more free we learn to become in our human vessels, the more luminous we shine and magnetic we become for our opportunities. Athene reminds us that rather than playing one role we can become a multidimensional wonder. All that is required is to learn the rhythms of our unique flow of energy and use it to create for ourselves rather than destroy.


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