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Today our Moon makes its way into Gemini and enters the Mansion known as the “Wheel” which is ruled by Saturn and Mercury. Saturn loses some of its rigidity when it comes into contact with Mercury and its ceaselessly moving energy. Tonight’s Lunar magick invites us to look at the way we communicate with others, particularly with those who we consider to be in a position of power. Do our words and actions truly reflect our best selves? Are we defending and showing that we value our dreams by openly talking about them? This is a time to check in with how we are using our voice to represent ourselves to the world. The gift of a communication is truly sacred and often one that is taken for granted. You have the power to make every dream you have come true it all starts with letting light erupt from your throat. You must be seen and you must be heard. Today, ask yourself how you might improve a situation in your life or shift something in your favor simply by speaking your truth.

The White Moon Goddess Athene rules over our lunar world while it makes its way through the sign of Gemini.Athene is a goddess of many things each a mark of how versatile her character is. While she rules over war strategy and wisdom she also rules over inspiration and artistry. While Athene reigns is the perfect time to remind ourselves that we are allowed to be individuals comprised of layers. To be multifaceted is to be soulful. You can be spiritual and scientific, artistic and mathmetic, strong yet soft, erotic yet private and truly a bit of every other duality that you can think of. Remember, it doesn’t make you contradictory it makes you whole. Embrace the differences that flow within you.


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