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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

We live in world where beauty is vastly based on European beauty standards which isolates the majority of the world’s population from feeling seen/ represented. Because of this many people spend their lives in comparison and questioning their own beauty. Know with certainty that every single being is meant to redefine beauty in their soul’s own unique expression. There is absolutely no room for comparison, especially over physicality because no two beings will ever be exactly the same. Even identical twins carry distinctive differences in their appearances.

True beauty is divinely inspired and has nothing to do with with outward appearances. To have a human vessel that is considered physically beautiful in truth means very little if there isn’t a well of beauty and spirit within. Beauty comes from love and a willingness to share it with yourself and others. Beauty comes from humility and an understanding that on a soul level we are all one. Beauty comes from spirituality and a willingness to connect with a source of love bigger than yourself. It comes from passion and a desire to create a prosperous life. It comes from sincerity and an ability to always speak with truth and transparency. When you embody any/ all of these characteristics your true beautiful nature begins to emanate from your being.

Your energy becomes infectious and makes your introductions for you.

Regardless of how you’ve been conditioned to feel about your physical appearance when you begin to understand your internal beauty you begin to physically see yourself through the eyes of love. Self love is one of the single most important aspects of a human lifetime. We must learn to love and honor ourselves in order to do this unconditionally for others.

Learn to understand your own unique brand of beauty and celebrate it relentlessly. Show the world exactly why you are so divine.

Tips for recognizing your true beauty:

•write yourself a 5 sentence love letter every day for a week. Only speak from a place of admiration.

•say daily affirmations in the mirror

*I am simply divine*

*I am a vision of beauty*

*I am true love*

*the universe recognizes my true beauty, as do I*

*I love myself unconditionally and my world transforms because of it*

*I am a gift of love of love for all those that I encounter*

*I fall more and more in love with my being every day*

•Follow your curiosity and try the things you’ve always wanted to

•Learn a new craft/trade

•set a personal challenge for yourself and rock it out!

•Observe your thoughts! Watch for negative self talk. When it’s there affirm your beauty! Again and again!


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