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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Just as it takes a natural process for a seed to become a seedling then burst through the earth and become a flower we also go through our own very unique process to become all that we are meant to. It’s very important to make sure you honor who you are at any given moment in your growth cycle. It would be detrimental to your mental health and happiness if you cast judgment on yourself for not being a rose in full bloom in a moment when you should be beaming with pride about bursting forth from the Earth in the first place.

Often we can look at others and say “wow they are so strong, creative, talented, etc” and put these beings on pedestals for their gifts without stopping to think about the time and effort it took for them to become the figure that they are. Surely a strong individual first had to endure moments of weakness, for a mountain does not become a mountain overnight.

It’s the journey that molds sand shapes us into being all that we are meant to be, all that is required of us is to be active participants. Be willing to celebrate yourself in your moments of success and especially in moments of failure, because you trying is worth everything.


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