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To daydream and fantasize about the future by some may be considered frivolous or a waste of energy. In truth fantasy is the epicenter of creation, the force that brings Destiny to our doorsteps. When the Castles in the Clouds card appears before us we are invited to let go of the reigns of linear progression to instead grab hold of the notion that we can create a vibrant future by first creating it from within. As the quote of Hermes from the Emerald Tablets is paraphrased “as above so below, as within so without, as to the universe so to the soul” we are beckoned to understand that by first generating a vision then infusing it with love, dedication and belief we have in fact uncovered the most efficient way to manifest a desired outcome. Allowing yourself to visualize and truly embody the feelings of success that you know would come with your manifestation before it actually assumes form is a powerful place to be standing within the Law of attraction. When we are in a celebratory energy the universe will provide us with a physicality to match our internal radiance. This is why if you allow yourself to feel and live in love before you have met your partner the journey is sped up exponentially. This is why if you celebrate yourself as an artist or creative opportunities to showcase your talents find their way to your doorstep. Today, I invite you to lose yourself in your wildest daydreams with the knowing that your fantasies are the seeds of fulfillment.


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