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As beings with dreams and visions for the future it’s only natural to at times be swept away in trying to project ourselves into our fantasies of the future. The energy of this Oracle comes to us with the reminder that we are the most powerful when we live in intention whilst simultaneously in a place of presence. Know that it is possibly to fantasize, vibrantly dream and manifest a colorful future all while staying connected to the present moment. Rather than thinking of the present moment as all there is, instead think of the present moment as a seed which permeates life in all directions. We must stay mindful of the fact that in order for this seed to bloom it needs our dedication and consideration. We must stay mindful of the fact that even though a blooming flower might be our end goal all of its essence exists already in the seed. To ignore the nourishment of the seed would spell doom for the impending flower.

For example if my dream was to be a world renowned dancer who graces the stage in a whirl of abundant freedom I would allow myself to dive deep into the pools of fantasy, imagining myself touring the world in style, knowing that fantasy brings Destiny to ones doorstep, knowing that fantasy is the conception space for manifestation . Rather than losing myself in the dream however I would consider what I would have to do in the present moment to breath life into that vision. So, the best course of action would be for me to dedicate consistent time and energy to dancing, nourishing my body, strengthening my physical health, and working to vitalize myself on all levels so that my auric field may one day support the dream in which I hold so dear.

Remember, there is no beginning and no end to your story, but by allowing yourself to stay present you may have a full scope of the beauty that has bloomed, is blooming and will one day bloom on the horizons that surround you.


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