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The energy of the Chameleon is all about adaptability.

When this card appears we are invited to strengthen our position in our world by learning to become responsive rather than reactive. To be reactive means to lead with impulsion and be led by the ego. To be responsive means to allow information to integrate with our being first before making any move & then we allow the wisdom of our highest self to take the reins. Being reactive rather than responsive can be detrimental to our personal relationships as well as professional environments. In this mind set it is easy to find oneself projecting upon others or to have ones triggers play a more dominant role than the details of the present moment. Being responsive allows a bridge of peace to be formed even in the most frustrating of circumstances. Often, situations are blown out of proportion due of the way each party chose to react rather than the subject matter itself. Being responsive is about acknowledging that even in situations where you feel you are in complete integrity you can’t see the complete picture and since we can’t get a view of what

picture the other party is seeing unless we offer them the space to show us, it is crucial to lay down our pride for the sake of understanding. Most often whether it be personal or business related people just want to be heard. By learning to be responsive we are granting every individual we encounter with the gift of truly hearing.


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