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Circus of love comes to us a reminder that the mind does not always know the best course of action to bring happiness and fulfillment into our worlds. The mind can easily be lost in worry, doubt and suspicion about the intentions of others. There is a part of ourselves that is much more reliable when it comes to seeking long term joy. Naturally I’m referring to the heart. The heart can sense, feel and tune in to truths that a restless mind could simply never uncover.

We live in a world that prizes logic over intuition which I do believe is in direct connection to the chaos we see unfolding all around us. People in power are making decisions strictly from their mental when in truth their heart should be guiding their decisions for the highest good of all.

This card appears to remind us today to choose love. To tell us to think a little less and love a little more. Let joy find its place in your heart and worry filter itself away. To do this you must simply ask yourself what it is that will bring love and peace into your world and listen for your answers from your heart center. From there be willing to take the action required to bring you this joy without trying to combat your needs with logic. Let love’s voice be heard and go after the things that make you feel alive.

One of the most important reasons we choose to incarnate is for love, we must never forget that in the pursuit of our ambitions or obligations. Love connects us all through a golden thread of divinity. Divine love, self love, creative love, romantic love and the love for your soul family all are of equal import. Take a moment today to see how you can invite more love into your world. Love will always gladly accept the invitation, you must simply allow it in.


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