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In order to manifest your dreams into a vivid part of reality it is essential to be clear and specific about what it is that holds importance in your life. Clown of crossroads appears when the time for a new beginning is upon us. Everything is aligning perfectly for major changes but first Spirit asks of us to show where our intentions and commitments lie.

For example you find yourself in a place where you are ready to step into new love, the timing feels right and you’re beginning to see the signs that love may be in the horizon for you. This is the time to look and see what old patterns or storylines you’re ready to release that don’t have room in a new reality that’s brimming with love. If we carry old wounds about trust or infidelity this would be the time to take a willing leap out of the past by consciously addressing and releasing them. If we ourselves had a history of being unfaithful this would be the time to commit to yourself and the universe your fidelity, before your partner appears.

As another example perhaps you might find yourself at a time where you are ready to make a major move. You’ve been praying and working to manifest a new home with your lover, or even just a cute little spot on your own. This would be the time to look at our relationship with our finances and our abilities to balance. Then to see if we have any thought or spending patterns that could hold us back from maintaining a stable foundation. By showing yourself and the universe you are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for what’s to come before it appears you are clearing the path so that it may do so.

There will also be moments where we hunger for new and fulfilling friendships and in the same breath notice that some of the ones near us now have grown stagnant. This is a moment to evaluate which friendships are worth breathing the life back into and which we must honor leaving behind so that there is room for the connections that we crave. There is no shame is outgrowing spaces that once felt like home. The journey is ever evolving, you are ever evolving, this world is ever revolving and so with time it is only natural for home to change in scenery from time to time.


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