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Of all the behaviors detrimental to self love & acceptance, Comparison is the one that tends to carry with it the most lasting sting. As no two beings on the face of this planet are exactly alike, not even the most identical of twins, by slipping into an energy of comparison we are setting ourselves up to lose before we have even left the gate. Another person’s blessings should never make us feeling insignificant or like we are missing out. In fact by allowing yourself to celebrate sincerely for another individual’s gain signals to the universe that you are also ready to be blessed in a fashion similar but tailored specifically towards you. We should never allow ourselves to feel inferior based on the physical appearances of another. First note that by comparing your looks to another individual’s you are projecting an ideal onto them that they likely don’t even subscribe to, know that from this place you can create barriers between you and another that could have had a meaningful impact in your world. If you see someone overflowing with talent and special abilities, rather than taking it as a sign of your inferiority recognize it as an invitation to explore the depths of your own skill set. Each one of us carries within us our own unique gifts, to be envious of another is to minimize ones own & in truth is a blatant disregard to the divinity that resides within your own being. In some way we all reflect one another, like fragments of celestial mirrors. To compare one reflection to another is simply a waste of time and energy that could be spent radiating our own light. Today, drop any comparisons that you may be harboring and dive joyfully into the realization that only you can truly be you.


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