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when the completion card appears before us it signals that a cycle of learning & manifestation has come to an end or will very soon coming to an end. With this it is important to acknowledge that while some things will grow and shift into the next cycle with us, other things must be left behind to bloom on their own where they currently stand. This is not about leaving anything or anyone behind it is simply about putting your journey first. It is about trusting that if something/ someone is meant to journey with you it will rise and do so at its own prerogative. By trying to pull others along to stand where you are at in your journey you may find yourself halting the growth of all parties involved. Every flower must bloom at their time. While your time beneath the soil may be through and you find yourself ready to soak in the sun others may still need the protection of the dark soil.

Trust with certainty that every ending must be followed by a new cycle of manifestation. Feeling a cycle coming to a close can feel very uncomfortable and layered with uncertainty. Remember, you’re not supposed to have the future completely figured out. All that is required of you to begin this next phase of growth and discovery is to move forward. Our soul’s tend to tell us the truth in terms of what is working and what isn’t, what we need more of and what must be released. The trick is to actually listen to that intuitive voice rather than letting your ego mute it and push you into a sea of confusion.

This is the time to set your sights on the future. What would you like to create? What would you like to experience? Who is it now that you would like to become? By allowing yourself to embody energetically all that you wish to manifest it can find its way towards you much more quickly. So be willing to wear the mask of who you wish to become without feeling like it makes you inauthentic. If you wish to be a dancer this is the time to practice and act as if you are a working performer even in the privacy of your own bedroom. If you wish to be a writer this is the time to put dedicated effort into your stories, story boarding is a great place to start. If you wish to be a small business owner this is the time to start envisioning the success of your business and working to discover what physical steps you must take today so that your business can flourish in a future tomorrow. Whatever dreams you have that you sense are ready to begin their unfoldment this is the time to give them your full attention and dedication.

This is the time to release anything that is more distraction than it is fulfilling. Remember, listen to the voice coming from within and you will uncover exactly which steps to take.


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