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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Do you ever wonder whether the caterpillar knows as it enters its chrysalis form that it will soon become a butterfly, or does it believe that its cocoon is its final resting place? Whether the caterpillar is aware or not it undergoes the transformation of a lifetime, a literal rebirth into an entirely knew being. One that no longer crawls along trying to avoid getting stamped underfoot and instead flies freely with painted wings.

Much like the caterpillar we undergo transformations that can alter our entire perception on life and the world we live in. While we are in the midst of transformation things can seem uncertain, make us anxious, feel out of our control and leave us wondering which direction we’re even headed. If nothing in your life feels in your control or like you’re being pulled in many different directions unsure what is right for you, you’re in the midst of a transformation. During transformation the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to surrender. Surrender to your soul. It already knows what a restless mind will never be able to reveal to you. When you feel pulled into many different directions this is a major indicator that there is still more information that needs to be revealed to you before you can move forward. We can only make decisions for our highest good from clear minds & hearts so always wait for clarity.

When things feel like they are falling apart it is also the moment when things are coming together for your highest good. Sometimes things simply have to fall apart to make room for bigger expressions of our authentic beings just as the cocoon the caterpillar so carefully builds must fall apart to make room for the butterfly.


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