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While we are still in the breath of Winter is the perfect time to honor the energy that comes with Cremation Ground/ Meditation. We are invited to take a pause from the world that exists outside of our being and instead tune into the universe that exists solely inside ourselves. Though as soulful beings we are infinite it is the human experience that leads us to impose limitations on ourselves. One of the times we can find ourselves feeling the most limited is when we are allowing the conditioning of society and its outdated belief systems to play a vital role in the comings and goings of our minds. We may also find ourselves feeling limited by aligning ourselves to relationships and environments that in truth do more harm than good. When Cremation Ground comes around we are pushed to honor that which we have outgrown with the gift of death so that we may move forward into new life. Remember Death is natural and something that we must experience time and again on many levels while in this lifetime. Today, take a moment and find a space of quiet where you can be alone with the rivers of your own mind. Allow yourself to slip into a meditative state, rather than chasing your thoughts see what unfolds. With the intention of release on your heart it is very likely that which you are ready to let go of will show itself as an image within your inner eye. Rather than resisting change embrace it as evolution. Revolution even.

Honor the things that are no more with grace and compassion, then when the timing is right, in your eyes, flow forward.


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