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When this card appears in our midst it is with the very sacred reminder that progress is in truth the perfection that we seek. It’s important to recognize the strides that you have already taken in becoming the essence of love you wish to embody. Often when we have been pushing towards a goal or vision for an extended period of time we get so caught up in the path forward that we forget how much effort we’ve already dedicated towards our transformation. Looking backwards at your efforts and strides towards happiness can give you the much needed fuel to keep traveling onwards.

Transformation is a sacred power. To be willing to take all of which you are and put energy into transcending into levels that are resonate to whom you know you are supposed to become takes a very special kind of strength and courage, because in truth it is much easier to simply stay the same. It is much easier to blame the world around you for your unhappiness and stagnancy. It takes tremendous might to say “you know what, I think my happiness is my hands and up to me to maintain and create more. My dissatisfaction is also in my hands and it’s up to me to minimize.” To be willing to undergo transformation for the sake of peace and fulfillment shows Spirit that the value you hold in your current time on this planet. The more you show value in your experiences, whether or not you deem them as pleasant or unpleasant, the more Spirit will provide you with the opportunities needed to embody the butterfly soul you are truly meant to become.

So if you find yourself struggling with the process of becoming, looking toward the future in frustration because you are not yet all that you wish to be, now is the absolute perfect time to pause, reflect and look back. Look back and celebrate yourself dearly for beginning the journey in the first place. Celebrate yourself for your efforts. Celebrate yourself simply for existing here in this moment. Not everyone makes it this far on the path, it’s okay to need to rest in your progress for a while.


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