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This card appears with a very special message to all those whom have a destined path and purpose to fulfill in this lifetime, you will succeed in your greatness even in front of insurmountable odds. It is important to stand in the simple truth that no force is greater than the divine and if something is meant to be it simply will be.

If you are an individual with a big sense of purpose it becomes necessary to step out of limiting beliefs and the societal conditioning that might lead you to think you are less what what you are, with divinity less powerful than it is. The conditioning of the world around you might lead you to believe you must work hard and suffer to reach success under the notion you must “pay your dues.” The conditioning of the world might lead you to think that you are just one drop in an overflowing bucket of potential. The simple truth is that it the barriers we create with our own mind that keep us from reaching our greatest potential possibly. By simply surrendering into you truth and trusting the compass of your soul you will be led right to where you are meant to be.

Remember, not everyone will understand your dreams or believe in your potential. Their disbelief does not equate to the invalidation of your gifts, but listening to the insight of the wrong individual can leave you with seeds of doubt that sprout into weeds of fear and stagnancy. This makes it especially important to choose your audience when sharing intimate details about yourself, your visions or goals. Only share in spaces that have an energy of true reciprocity. Slip into your awareness and you will known by the way your body feels and the nudges of your intuition who really supports you and who would rather see you motionless. In any case, whether you stand alone or amongst a treasured group of friends you must believe in and pursue the fulfillment of your purpose above all else. You chose this life for a reason, you must uncover why.


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