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though it might seem safer to skate the surface of our endeavors, keeping a watchful eye to not get too “lost” in what we are trying to achieve the invitation presented by the “Deep End” card is total immersion.

If something evokes passion, truth or inspiration in you trust that it is worthwhile to give it your all. How could we ever expect to reach the depth of possibility if we want to play it safe or line our paths with plans B, C, D and E in case our dreams falter? Imagine the bounds forward we could take if we focused all the energy we put forming back up plans into the original dream or manifestation. Know that to be dedicated is in truth to be fruitful. Know that to be vulnerable with your own dreams is to truly be alive.

A life spent at surface level could hardly be described as fully gratifying. While the Ocean may be beautiful upon the surface, aren’t you be the least bit curious to uncover the mysteries of the deep? Today, rather than playing it safe or standard I invite you to dive headlong into the waters of fulfillment by dedicating yourself to living a life fully immersed in experience, discovery and personal freedom.


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