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Today’s moon is at its third Quarter

moving from Leo into mutable earth energy Virgo. When the Moon lands at its third quarter we find ourself at one of the most pivotal, balanced points in the lunar cycle. This makes it crucial to look at our internal world and discern which areas could use more balance and focus. Virgo energy is the ruling sign of focus and dedication paired with attention to detail. Tuning into this Virgo energy can help us get the ball rolling on even our most stagnant projects and goals. While imagination is key to creativity, Virgo energy asks us to tune into the literal. What physical steps can we take to bring our creative visions into reality? One of the most beneficial tidbits of advice I’ve come across is that “you won’t always be motivated so you must learn to be determined.” This is a key energy to embody as we make our way through the Virgo Mansions.

Tonight’s Mansion is “The Fall”

This Mansion is ruled by electrifying Mars and mind stimulating Mercury. When these two planets join forces we may find ourselves feeling at energetic odds. While part of us may be longing to make impulsive decisions based on the passion of the moment the other side of us will likely urge caution and follow through. To make decisions for our highest good at this time Temperance is needed. This means we must observe the impulsive and the methodical energies that emerge within us side by side, without bias. Only when we have truly discerned from a non bias place can we move forward with a plan of action for our highest good. Making a decision based on impulse or refusing to make a decision due to overthinking are both paths that will lead us to questioning our decision making abilities at this time. To avoid any internal conflict simply observe, wait for clarity, then and only then act.

Today’s keeper of the moon is the Red Goddess Demeter. In Greek mythology Demeter was one of the most worshiped and favored deities. She was in fact known as the eternal mother. It is her maternal spirit that makes her myth one of the most famous of our time. Demeter was the mother of the harvest and the Goddess who brought crops and nourishment to the people of the Earth. One day when Demeter’s daughter Persephone was roaming her mother’s forest she caught the eye of the lustful Hades. In an instant Persephone was swept away by Hades and left not a trace. Demeter was grief stricken and began to search far and wide for her daughter but found evidence of her nowhere. As her depression enveloped Demeter the world experienced its first true winter. Crops died, nothing grew and soon the people began to die of starvation. Though Zeus was not inclined to mettle in the affairs of his brother Hades he couldn’t allow the people to die out. So, Zeus sent the messenger Hermes (Mercury) to Hades to retrieve Persephone and return her to her mother. Hades however was not in the business of having something he desired taken away from him, so he tricked Persephone into eating three pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds were the fruit of the underworld and Persephone’s ingesting them made the marriage between she and Hades binding. Hermes luckily through his negotiation skills was able to form a sort of deal with Hades. Persephone would be allowed to return to her mother for half of each year but the other half she must stay in the underworld with her husband. Thus we have the birth of seasons as we know them. When Persephone traveled the lands of the living with her mother we would be given the gifts of Spring and Summer but when she was forced to return to the underworld Demeter’s mourning for her daughter would result in Fall and Winter. There are many lessons to unfold through Demeter’s story. Today I want to focus on adaptation. Like Demeter’s emotional journey through the seasons so do we have our own seasonal journeys. It is important to understand that we are creatures of cycles and that some times days will feel sweet and summery but others will feel like cold and frigid like winter. By honoring whichever season you find yourself in does not invalidate the rest of your cycles. For example if you normally have a summery disposition flowing through winter days may leave you feeling like you’ve lost part of your essence but in truth it is just a vital time of rest, replenishment and letting what is meant to die away. Today make it a point to honor yourself and your journey regardless of what season you find yourself in. Just remember, it’s all a part of the cycle.


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