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Today our moon continues to wane and finds itself in the midst of Virgo. When we find ourselves in the thick of Virgo energy the time for decisive action is upon us. We are invited to look at our current endeavors and perceive which have grown stagnant. This is the time to decide whether stagnant ambitions should be scrapped or if you want to breath vitalizing energy into them once more. Virgo is the gardener of the zodiac. A good way to manage the time and energy spent on each goal is to think of them as individual seeds to be planted. Water each plant as often as required to see growth and soon you will decipher which will bloom and which will wither away. By allowing certain ideas to wither away you are creating space to plant new ones, so try not to be resistant to this cycle.

Today’s Mansion is the “Altar”

This Mansion is ruled by the forces of Mercury and Saturn. With these two coming together an energy of social oppression is created. Specifically we are asked to observe where we may be assimilating our character to fit the status quo. Do you find yourself swallowing your words for the comfort of others? Minimizing your opinions out of fear of offending yo ur peers? Or perhaps find yourself afraid to be your realest self for risk of losing your companions. If you find any of these questions resonate now is the time to break free of the barriers that you may have unwittingly placed on yourself. Though this mansion has a mostly negative charge it offers us a divine invitation to rise above the expectancy placed upon us by ourselves and others and instead to learn to speak freely and truthfully.

Saturn is the planet associated with limitations. Unbeknownst to many Saturn‘s influence is often magnified by our own limiting thoughts or the limitations of society that we subscribe to. Now is the time to discern where are we trying too hard to fit in, where are we living inauthentically and where there is room to let our truth be magnified. Awareness is the first and a very critical step. So give yourself credit for simply acknowledging where we must break barriers. From there we must make decisive action for our freedom one step at a time. We must learn to hold ourselves accountable for our freedom, nobody else is going to serve it to us.

Demeter remains our reigning Red Moon Goddess. She is the Eternal mother and the beacon of changing seasons. Below is an invocation to call in Demeter.

“Eternal mother,

though seasons change

your devotion to love

remains constant,

Like rain I ask you to

shower this gift upon me,

Like snow I ask you

to freeze fear away from my heart,

With the heat of summer sun rays

I ask you to warm my dreams into realities gaze,

Like the blooming of a spring flower

I ask for assistance

in my sacred emergence and rise to power.

So be it”


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