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Today’s moon continues to wane in the sign of mercurial Virgo. Our focus today while the moon finishes it’s tour of this sign is standing in the focus and dedication required to meet our goals. Intention is only one half of the manifestation process. While the universe can bend, shift and mold itself to craft opportunities on our behalf it is crucial that we take the lead with decisive action. This is means if you’re longing to see an improvement in your finances and are seeking to manifest prosperity it falls into your hands to create a tangible budget for you to honor as well as openly evaluate our current sources of income. We must also evaluate our drive and dedication. For example if you do happen to be asking the universe for greater financial stability but have a habit of calling out of work or leaving early the time is now to begin creating the pattern of follow through. If you’re looking to manifest love you must be willing to discern which actions are required on your part to be open to receive love. Perhaps there is wounding or insecurity that we must actively address before spirit provides you with your counterpart. Perhaps we haven’t truly dove into self love which is the key to union. Perhaps we need to learn how to step outside of our comfort zones and explore new territory so that our partner may find us. Finishing example, If you want to manifest a life as a published author but avoid the dedication due to “writers block” now is the time to clear away the dust on your psyche by writing every day, regardless of whether you perceive it holds profound meaning. Whichever the case the time for decisive action and taking the lead in our own destiny is upon us. This is an especially auspicious time to do so as we are getting ready to leave the fixed energy of Scorpio season and enter mutable Sagittarius, which is a time of divine luck and expansion!

Today’s Mansion is “The Sceptre”

With this Mansion we’ve reached the spike of Virgo energy. When it comes to manifesting a goal Virgo is the leading sign of detail orientation. With Venus and Saturn coming together to rule this mansion it creates an even bigger boost of focus on the details required to create happy outcomes in our world. This is a time where Venus may be leading your imagination off into the future where you envision a fruitful life for yourself. Always remember that imagination is the conception space for manifestation, so what we envision today can be vivid part of our future reality! All that is required is to ground that imaginative energy into the Earth with the help of Virgo’s focus and attention to detail. Saturn’s energy is also hugely beneficial at this time as it can help us perceive any limitations or barriers that may prevent us from reaching our desired ends. Time to tune in to your visions and tune out anything that distracts you from your goals!

Below are a sequence of photos I found reflective of Demeter's energy


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