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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It can be easy to get swept up in longing for grand expressions of Spirit and Universal Magic in this world. It’s natural to want a cosmic confirmation of

“Yes! There is magic afoot!” In truth there is magic constantly weaving itself all around us and it’s important to find awe in even the small moments. In order to perceive universal magic and love at its highest expression you must be able to perceive it in its whispers.

A butterfly emerging from its cocoon

A sunflower raising its face to the sun

An evening primrose blooming in the moonlight

A life taking its first breath

A life taking its last breath

A tree falling and offering shelter to creatures of the forest floor

A stranger offering a smile

Offering a smile to a stranger

Your favorite song playing on the radio

A dragonfly crossing your path

These moments are all small but filled with magic that reverberate energetically and have the potential to cause more unforeseen magic. Every small moment is connected to an even bigger manifestation. Take notice of the small so you may understand the magnitude of loves even bigger appearances in your world.

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