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Today as our moon continues to wane it finds its temporary home in the sign of Virgo and enters the Mansion known as the “Fall” which is ruled by Mars and Mercury. The energy of tonight’s moon invites us to balance the impulsive energy of Mars with the methodical energy of Mercury to uncover where in our world we are in need of a fresh start. The impulsiveness of Mars can give us the added courage to take leaps where previously we may have faltered while the nature of Mercury asks us to leap but make sure to take the decisive action needed to ensure our landing is as soft as possible. For example if you want to quit your job in search of something more fulfilling Mars pushes you to do so while Mercury inquires “Do you have a cushion of funds to support you while you’re on the job hunt?” Another example would be if you are looking to dive into a new relationship Mars invites you to follow your heart while Mercury asks, “Are you ready for this level of commitment?”

The energy of our moon today reminds us that it is entirely possible to be both bold and courageous as well as able to utilize the gifts of discernment and methodical planning. By honoring these polar energies you are also honoring the feminine energy of the heart and the masculine energy of the mind, which work the most efficiently together. Overall balance is key.

To be overly impulsive or overly methodical can be detrimental to your growth in their own unique way.

Today, tune in to where you’re ready for change, tune out outside distractions and dive headfirst into that which feels the most resonate to your soul.


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