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Today our Moon spends its last day disseminating before it reaches the third quarter. Our Lunar Goddess continues her reign in the sign of Virgo, today entering the Mansion known as the “Altar” which is ruled by Mercury and Saturn. The energy of the day invites us to look inwards at our thought patterns to see what storylines we may be playing out that have lost their relevance. Of all things the mind is perhaps the most susceptible to patterning, so we must be willing to discern which thoughts hold truth and which are simply conditioning. When Mercury and Saturn come together they create an energy that upon the surface may feel rigid but that is because our most beneficial moves at this time are going to be internal rather than external.

Remember, you are not your thoughts, you are the watcher behind your thoughts. So, it is up to you to decide which programming is outdated. If our mind is full of outdated storylines it can be very difficult to integrate new vitalizing thought patterns.

If initially you find difficulty in observing your thoughts and discerning which belong and which are outdated I recommend grabbing a journal and posing these questions to yourself,

1.What fears am I ready to release? 2.What storylines am I feeding myself that are no longer resonate? 3.In what areas may my thought patterns be holding me back? 4.How can I invigorate my mind with more accurate perceptions?

After writing the questions allow yourself to slip into meditation, if you find it hard to silence your mind put on some of your favorite music. From there, when you are ready, put your pen to the paper and start writing without thinking about your answers. You may be surprised by how readily they flow. The soul has a tendency to speak in transparency and honesty once an outlet is provided.

With love, Kismet


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