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When this card appears in our midst we are being invited to stop and re-evaluate the things in our world that we have dismissed as inconvenient or unwanted to see the hidden blessing that lies within. Never will Spirit put us in positions of hardship or challenge simply because they feel like it. There is always a higher perspective or hidden blessing in every moment of uncertainty. The way I remind myself to stay conscious of this is to always “look for the sugar amongst the shit” As we willingly look closer at the things we consider shitty from a space of surrender and willingness to grow from them the sugar can suddenly emerge and make the shit pile much more manageable.

Trust with certainty that every challenge makes you stronger, every heartbreak makes you more discerning with whom you give your energy to, every loss makes you more conscious of what’s worth holding on to, every “failure” is an opportunity to start again from a fresh approach, every moment of uncertainty and stillness gives you an opportunity to rest and replenish for the next cycle of manifestation.

Embrace the darkness you find in your world and know that it was born of the light. If every moment was simply smooth and challenge free there would be no moments to wake us up to our strength and divine power. Trust your struggles as part of your hero’s journey. Know that this moments make you shine just as brightly as moments of clarity and bliss, it is all a valid part of your ascension to your truest self.


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