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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Whether you are experiencing moments of the utmost bliss or moments of extreme sadness and frustration the first place you visit should always be within your own heart. It’s crucial to allow yourself to fully experience every moment of existence, even and especially the moments we would rather bypass.

Allowing ourselves to feel is how we allow ourselves to heal and grow. While it is easier to ty to make ourselves forget unpleasant situations and to numb ourselves to them when we do this they have a tendency to spring up in our psyche unannounced. This leads to inexplainable emotional discomfort and the tendency for projection onto our unsuspecting loved ones.

Cry if you need to. Run, rage or dance if you need to but don’t stifle what you feel. Allow yourself to sit in your heart and offer whatever is troubling you to the divine. Ask for assistance or assurance. Ask to see the truth and higher perspective of the situation. Always ask for both the lesson and the blessing.

In moments of happiness it is equally important to drop into your heart and offer what’s there to the divine. Show your grace at having received your blessings and ask for assistance in maintaining your peace. Ask for the patience to stay present in the moment before you begin seeking the next thrill of happiness.

When in doubt quiet the mind & let your heart speak. The heart is your window to the divine.


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