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Duke of shadows appears in instances in our life where grand cycles of manifestation have been set in motion beneath the radar of our awareness. The duke comes as a reminder that just because you don’t see your desires growing into a vibrant picture on the surface doesn’t mean that there isn’t an immense amount of movement beneath the surface. All will be revealed in divine timing and not a moment sooner.

If you find yourself in a position where the possible outcomes seem dark or unclear then rest assured that you have not reached the end of your journey. All will be revealed as it is meant to, and if all has not been revealed then there is more to the story to unfold.

Sometimes we must linger in shadow so that we have the opportunity to rest and replenish from our last season of manifestation and also to prepare internally for what we have asked to appear in our external world. The universe will never serve us what we are not ready for, which is why they will offer us as much time in stillness as is necessary. Every moment in darkness carries a hidden blessing and higher perspective.

This is a time where we do not want to take everything at face value because the universe has love tricks up its sleeve and loves to keep us guessing. Just when we think we’ve got it figured out another turn is added on the spiral of manifestation. Embrace this inability to know exactly what’s about to unfold but trust with the 100% certainty what whatever comes has been well woven together for your highest good.


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