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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Of all the gifts we are given during this human experience one of the most enlightening and powerful is our voice. Through the use of our voice we can break barriers, heal wounds, open up closed doors, plant the seeds of change and fluently speak the language of love.

Think of your throat as a portal to the divine, every time you use your voice to authentically speak your truth light erupts from the portal and healing energy radiates in all directions.

Sometimes we subconsciously take vows of silence which keep us from effectively owning our voice. These vows occur in an instance where another individual does not agree with our viewpoint and we allow their views to back us into a corner and into silence, later when a feeling emerges telling us to once again speak our truth we find that the disappointment from the last encounter leaves us frozen. The most effective way to break those vows is to be willing to stand behind yourself and your opinions no matter how uncertain you may feel, no matter the response of another and even with fear in your voice. Standing with courage and recognizing the validity of your voice is what allows these chains to fall.

Using your voice can invite a tremendous amount of personal healing into the world. Speaking openly and honestly about your past allows you to step outside it’s hold and speaking with intention about your future allows you to manifest it. When you breathe your heart into life through written word & poetry then allow your voice to anchor your words into truth with your voice the impact is often far more reaching than we realize, especially if we choose to share it with others.

Think of the moments you’ve heard the perfect song at the perfect time and its words resonate with your current life experiences more than you can even describe. This is a perfect example of an eruption of light and you can share this gift with others simply by using your voice. When you do you just may realize how many universal truths lie hidden in your personal story.


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