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To have an ethereal touch means to have the ability to share love, light and healing energy through touch.

This refers to physical touch but it also refers to the ability to impact another individual on a soul level.

It is so important not to take for granted our own abilities to bring more love into the lives of others. By willingly accepting your gifts you willingly put yourself in a position to be in greater service of love to others.

You never know the impact sharing just a small amount of your energy with another individual may have, so if you have the energy to spare, be willing to offer a smile, big hug or a few words of encouragement to someone in your world who seems like they could use it. All you will ever put into motion by giving love is more love. We are woven together by a cosmic thread of connection and as one individual begins to receive more love then it becomes a snowball effect with the increased fluidity of love energy flowing through us all.

It is important to offer up the touch of healing and love to yourself as well. For most individuals with healing light it becomes part of their instinctual nature to offer of themselves in any way they can to others, which is a blessed thing but these same healing individuals often forget to turn their gifts upon themselves. It is so important to treat yourself with the same love and intent you give to others, especially as a healer because your personal healing sets the tone for all the healing work you will accomplish in this lifetime. So, be willing to offer words of affirmation of love to yourself in moments of uncertainty, in moments of sadness be willing to offer comfort to yourself even wrapping your arms around your own figure, in moments of chaos be willing to offer a place of safety and escape for yourself. Just by showing your willingness to stand behind yourself in love you are showing yourself that you see your integral role in the grand scheme of things.

Today would be a such a beautiful day to see how you may bring more love into the lives of others as well

as your own. Whether it be through physical action or a gesture of the heart the ethereal intent remains the same. All that is asked of you is to recognize how much power you have in bringing more love into this world.


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