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Without a doubt we are each living a life entirely unique to us, however that doesn’t truly mean we are experiencing life. The energy of this card is about total immersion into our existence. Look at the profound beauty in this card, the way the being pictured is slowly becoming colored in the same hues as the tree they are engaged with. This shows someone completely invested in the moment they are in. Rather than worrying about what needs to be done next, what they forgot to do or torturing themselves with fear based thinking they are instead totally committed to connecting with nature. Nothing in that moment is more important than connecting to that beautiful tree.

As human’s we can push ourselves to the limit aiming towards paths that we believe determine success with such fervor that we lose sight of the reason we started the journey in the first place, which most often is simply happiness. It’s so important to know that the destination alone isn’t where we should be seeking fulfillment, it’s being completely immersed in every step of the journey that truly invigorates our life with a sense of joy and purpose. It’s experience that makes life fruitful. From the experiences that evoke wonder to the ones that evoke sorrow every instance has been to strengthen on us on this sacred journey of life. A life without experience, including the bad would simply be hollow. There would be no drive, no motivation and no true instances of splendor. Fulfillment comes from growth through experience, which again is about total immersion into the moment. Whether you find yourself surrounded by the peaks of joy or the lows of disenchantment by allowing yourself to experience every instance you are allowing yourself to truly be in deep commitment to your soul. No matter the circumstances your soul deserves to be honored with dedication and presence.

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