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Today our moon wanes its way into the sign of Libra which is Cardinal air energy. While the moon is here one of the potential doorways is bringing balance back to our personal relationships. At this time it is beneficial to observe whether we have been giving our relationships with others more attention than our relationship to ourselves. While it is a crucial part of the human experience to give and receive love it can be all to easy to find your energy entangled in another individual’s, leading to co dependent behaviors if you aren’t mindful of a couple of key things. 1. Your first commitment should always be dedicated love to self. 2. You must heed the wisdom and intuitive nudges from the divine & higher self. If you are in a relationship and wondering whether you are in balance or not here are a few questions to pose to yourself. “What was my joy this week? Which of my

goals am I giving the most energy to? Where is most of my time going? When was the last time I enjoyed time in my own company?” If you have trouble answering these questions the time to redirect energy is now.

Upon entering a relationship many believe that they are supposed to spend all their time together to feel

connected. this can be detrimental to even the most soulful connections. It is crucial to be your own source of happiness if you want your relationship to be a slow burn rather than a quick combustion. It’s also necessary to explore and enjoy experiences on your own. Not only for your personal growth but so that when you return to your partner you can share this experience with them. We must ask ourselves logically, how can we expect to grow if we spend every moment entwined?

There is no reason to feel guilt if you are in partnership and honor your need to spend time alone. If this is

truly your partner they will understand the need and allow you to move freely. They too will learn to honor their alone time. If they place shame on you or guilt trip you by reminding you of their loneliness or how much they need you this is codependency. We must learn to thrive on our own if we want to thrive in union.

Today’s mansion is the “Bouquet” and is ruled by

Venus and Uranus. When these two planets come together we can find ourselves washed over in romantic feelings in unprecedented and unexpected ways. The current planetary energy provides us with a very special opportunity for learning. How can we overflow with love for others and still have a thriving, balanced relationship with self? It is key to know you can be head over heels for another individual and not lose yourself in the connection or find yourself entangled in codependent behaviors. Use this energy to get creative with your love language. Giving offerings to the Earth in your beloved’s name, creating art or poetry inspired by them, or working on a goal that will help give you grow into a better future together are all ways you can offer love to your beloved and still spend time In your sacred space. Another way would be through intentional dancing or stretching. By strengthening your connection between body and mind you ensure deeper intimacy and understanding with your partner. Another fun way would be if both you and your beloved set out on solo adventures for the day, determined to make as many new discoveries as possible, then at the end of the day you come together and share all that you have found.

overall use this lunar magick to find balance in the way you embody love, both within yourself and with others 💜

Today’s moon guardian is the Red Goddess Gaia.

Gaia is the Greek personification of the Universal Mother. It is said that she existed even before time and in fact gave birth to it. In partnership with Uranus,

Gaia also gave birth to the first race of Gods the Titans. One of the Titans, Cronus was the father of Zeus, so that also gives scope to just how ancient Gaia’s tale is. Over time she and Uranus turned upon one another and Cronus cut off his father Uranus’ genitals and tossed them into the sea. From the sea foam that was formed from the impact Aphrodite was born. To the Greeks Gaia truly had a hand in all of creation. Even when Zeus and the other immortals took over as reigning gods Gaia was respected by all. To me this holds a very sacred reminder, no matter who wields power in this world we must all answer to the forces of universal creation. It is important to not lose sight of this amidst the distractions of the modern world that would like us to believe money and fame are true power. We must remember the only true power is universal love.


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