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It’s not an exaggeration in the slightest to say that we are all oceanic beings with the infinite capacity to learn, grow and discover new things about ourselves. When it is time to go fish it is time to look inwards and seek hidden treasures that are lying in wait for your discovery. The hidden treasure could be a new idea or creative venture that wants to birthed into the world, it could also be an insight or token of wisdom that can help you move forward on your journey. Whatever it is that you are fishing for is worth reeling in.

To go fish you must leave behind a mind restless with thoughts and sink into your body. It becomes extremely difficult to receive guidance from our higher self and from our spirit team if our mind is clouded with heavy thoughts. Imagine that when your head is full of this kind of restless energy you’ve created a sort of internal traffic jam. During a traffic jam it becomes much harder for a vehicle to reach its intended destination. Think of your guidance as the vehicle.

There are many ways to step out of your mind and into your body. Creative expression such as writing, painting, crafting or vision boarding is an amazing way to turn off your thoughts and settle into peace. Listening to your favorite music, dancing, nature walking and meditation are other great ways to create the space needed to dive into yourself.

It’s important to know that every answer you need to complete the jigsaw lies within. We have vast stores of knowledge and internal wisdom from previous lifetimes and also handed down to us through our ancestral lineage. We just have to slow down and receive this valuable information from ourselves. Don’t think that anything outside of yourself can hold keys to your fulfillment better than you can. It is your journey to unfold, your destiny to uncover, and your rainbow fish to reel in.


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