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In moments of frustration or uncertainty it can be all to easy to fall under the misbelief that you are on your own and most figure everything out for yourself. This is a limitation we put on ourselves out of fear based thinking but in truth never for a moment on this Earth are we truly alone. The divine truly speaks to us in infinite ways, all we must do is slow down, surrender and listen.

The divine can be heard as we take a pause from our normal routine and allow ourselves to connect with nature. In the stillness, the rustle of the leaves, with the gentle gusts of wind surrounding you the voice of the divine can be heard. It can be found hidden in the rhythms of your favorite music, in an offhanded comment made by a stranger in passerby and if you allow yourself the space for quite contemplation it can even be heard within the realms of your own mind.

Again, the ways are truly limitless.

Just as we can receive messages from the divine so can we send them, so feel free to open communication with Spirit and request ways for the divine to speak to and through you. So long as you have the open heart to receive what you’ve asked for you shall. It is key to have the 100% clarity of belief that shall receive. Manifestation and a doubtful heart don’t mesh very well together.

The individuals who who have the most doubt with the divine tend to have the most doubts within themselves. Know that these entities are not separate. The more you begin to trust one the more your trust naturally grows with the other. So, if we find issues trusting the power of the divine we must first get to the bottom of our issues of trust as a whole.

It is important to note that the way the divine chooses to speak to you may be entirely different from the way it chooses to relay messages to any other individual, so there is no room for comparison. Every relationship with the divine is entirely unique. Not more or less special, but yes unique entirely. Know how much power you have in setting the tone of what kind of relationship you have with the divine. If you want it to be fluid and free flowing with love and support you must allow it to be so. If it feels stagnant know that we too wield power here. Just like any relationship your connection to the divine requires time, dedication and attention.

If in one of your personal relationships you began to neglect these areas you probably would not be surprised if your phone began to ring more infrequently. So, to receive the consistent validation and push you need from the universe be sure to show up for Spirit, yourself, your soul.


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