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Many individuals who follow dedicatedly along their personal path of spirituality or creativity often find themselves feeling slightly isolated as they grow into themselves. For many they identity themselves as a lone wolf, even amongst family and friends feeling slightly out of place.

While as a lone wolf you may experience periods of discomfort and longing for the true understanding of others, being a lone wolf or outsider comes with a very sacred gift that isn’t truly unveiled until an individual is entirely comfortable being who they are even without the understanding of others.

This gift is the acquired knowledge of self love and understanding that they may later take back to the masses and lead with as an example of divine love. This is where the guest of honor card comes into play. For the solitude is not an act of isolation, but of preparation for the role of authority that you have always been destined for.

So, as an individual who feels set apart from the rest (not better or worse, merely different) release any doubts or fears about your place in the world. Trust with divine assurance that you are being prepared for the role of a lifetime. The time will soon come where many will look for you for example and all that will be required of you is to look deep within your soul. Every answer you shall seek will be waiting in happy anticipation for you as a gift for the world.

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