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In a world as fast paced as ours it can be easy to fall into the belief that living a life based in logic is the most beneficial course of action. When Heart Drop appears before is it is with the reminder that the most powerful place to navigate from is the heart. In truth to live a highly logical life is playing it safe. It requires radical courage to live a life steeped in love, vulnerability and trust. Whether we are in a time of abundance or uncertainty we are asked to drop into our heart and experience every instance from

there. By living in love you become a walking beacon of light inviting even more love into your world. The main reason people tend to have a natural avoidance of vulnerability is because of the risk that comes along with it. Yes, being vulnerable puts you at the risk to experience hurt and disappointment, which bottom line is part of the human experience. However, being vulnerable also puts you at risk to experience everything your soul longs for. Remember, fortune favors the bold. We simply can’t hope to live a truly fulfilling life is our main concern is self preservation.

No matter where you stand I invite you to drop into your heart and surrender every fear over into the hands of the Divine. From this place we can see much more clearly the truth that lies in front of us. A mind that thinks too much is notorious for manifesting fears that don’t actually hold substance. Fear is a trick of the mind, but love, abundance and fulfillment are the superpowers that stem from the heart. Today, I ask you, which path do you choose?


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