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Within the soul lives a well of passion that one can use to fuel the flames of destiny and burn through the barriers of resistance. In order to fully utilize this dynamic force within you, you must be willing to trust and honor your unique brand of passion, knowing that it is your passion that will lead you to the greatest heights of fulfillment possible. We must be willing to recognize our internal fire as a sacred vehicle towards illumination and liberation, recognize it as a vehicle in which only you know the secret touch to make it operate.

It is important to note that even a being filled to the brim with heart fire will still need to honor the cycles of fire and ice, meaning that not every moment can be filled with action, excitement and forward movement. There too must be moments of stillness, reflection and quiet integration for our moments of passion to truly be productive and fulfilling. Remember, balance is everything. Know that even in moments of frigid cold the blaze of warmth will always return to you in the moment it is meant to. Honor and witness your cycles without frustration or trying to control them.

To fully utilize your heart fire at its greatest potential

expression and vulnerability become necessities. Expression of your internal world and creatively are equally valuable as it allows you to see where your passion ebbs and flows, what truly moves you and what things are better left burned away. Think of your heart fire as a Dandelion and expression is the wind that blows through sending the seeds dancing through the air in search of a new place to sprout.

To be vulnerable means to drop the veils of self preservation and allow oneself to fully receive the challenges, blessings and bounty of the universe. Passion cannot burn behind a wall. It must be freed to roam and spread to discover new sources to fuel its burn. Let your fire consume you without the fear of being reduced to ashes. The fire will only make you stronger and burn brighter. Let love ignite you and you next wave of manifestation begin.


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