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In life there will be moments for us all where it feels like we are being led in multiple directions with multiple possible outcomes leaving us unsure which path is actually the best course for us. In these moments rather than thinking ourselves into an anxiety ridden space the most beneficial thing you can do is drop into your heart and seek guidance from your heart center.

Even if the best guidance your heart can give you is to sit tight and give yourself more time the heart can offer you freedom from worry which the mind can seldom do. Feel your way into clarity.

By honoring your heart in any given moment you can trust that you are leading at the very least from a space of sincerity. To be sincere assures you that even if you are in environments that are less than your highest good you’ve given your heart the space and freedom to speak it’s truth, which is essential for a life filled with peace and growth. And given the room to speak it’s truth and enough time to feel it’s way through any situation the heart will always lead you to where it is actually mean to be in the long run.

Presence is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself. For when you allow your mind to wander too far into the past or too far into the future you muddy the waters of clear consciousness with anxiety. From a space of anxiety it becomes exceptionally easy to make impulsive decisions that later leave you questioning their validity. It also makes it quite easy to miss the signs and messages being sent your way by the universe carrying the validation you seek. From a place of presence you allow the mind to step back and the heart to take the lead. From this place of presence is where we manifest the path in front of us into something fulfilling and worthwhile. Getting carried away from ourselves fills the path with bumps and uneven terrain.

In all relationships, whether blood, platonic, romantic and even the one you’re in with yourself it is crucial to check in with your heart frequently and see where your happiness lies. Is the happiness coming from your heart so strong that there’s no question about where you belong, or do feelings arise that leave you wondering if perhaps there is something more resonate to discover elsewhere? In either case your heart will almost always be honest and transparent with you. The thing is to listen to the guidance you receive without stepping into combative or anxiety ridden energy by thinking the situation the death. The moment you begin to overthink about a situation is the moment you begin to lose sight of what it is you’re actually feeling, so be mindful of muddying the waters!


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