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Heart of the sky is representative of the forces of love that made all of creation possible, from the oceans to the trees and everything in between. When Heart of the Sky appears In our midst it is with the reminder that we too are capable of infinite creation and this source of boundless love is available at any time. This love is as apart of us as the rivers of blood that flow through our veins. If you find yourself living a life that feels lacking in inspiration it is likely that you need to deepen your connection with the heart of the sky and truly understand that every individual is blessed with infinite creative potential. It’s entirely up to us to choose how this river of creativity flows between us and the divine. It can be every flowing and rapid or if you are unable to truly trust and therefore dive into this connection it can be sluggish and seemingly unmoving. Any barrier that impedes your flow of creation can be removed with a willingness to remove the ego from the reigns of control and allowing your divine messengers in to take the wheel. They are always willing and waiting to deliver messages of assistance and creative inspiration but we must be willing to hear them. Think of the divine as your muse. This muse can take the form of whatever need be so that you can receive your message, this muse can speak fluently in your language of creativity. They will never try to push you to conform your creativity into that of another, so be willing to invite in your heavenly muses and watch your creative life unfold.


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