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In an ideal world we would all be able to reach for our highest dreams and potential without the worry or distraction of adversity. It is the great hope that in due course this is where our earth is shifting on a global scale, in the meantime however it is essential to stand behind yourself, your gifts and your soul’s purpose above all else... even and especially when you don’t feel supported and uplifted by others.

Her wicked ways signals a time where the eyes of jealousy may have landed upon you and your endeavors. It can be uncomfortable striving for your success when you feel the weight of eyes downcast with displeasure in your direction but these moments are in fact crucial in the development of your personal strength and resilience. They appear to show you the importance of your authenticity and the simple truth that your journey is far more important than being liked or receiving approval from the masses.

Know that whether or not somebody appreciates your light doesn’t hinder its shine.

Often individuals with an especially potent destiny with the potential to have an impact that is especially far reaching will go through phases of spiritual solitude where it feels like their inner circle is shrinking around them. This is a shift we must allow without thinking that we are losing something. Sometimes we simply outgrow relationships, sometimes beings who used to have the capacity to show us love and support no longer have the energy to do so and that’s okay. We just can’t allow ourselves to swim in murky waters when a whole ocean is waiting to be discovered.

If you find the eye of jealousy glimmering upon you rather than reflecting back anger send them back love. Send them wishes that they too will begin to recognize their own potential. In truth jealousy only exists in an individual who is not utilizing their own gifts. Sometimes all one needs is a reminder of who they are to stop focusing so much about whom you are. Trust that this can be done from a place of unconditional love. It just takes a little patience and a willingness to put aside our conditioning that has led us to believe we are in competition with one another.

Remember, “it’s not a human race, it’s just the human race”


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