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Tonight our Moon makes its way from the mercurial sign of Gemini into the watery realms of Cancer, who happens to be ruled by the moon. Moving from an air energy into a watery world will be felt in significant ways. With the Moon falling into its natural sign this is a time of harvest. This is a time where we will be feeling emotionally rewarded and fulfilled because of dedicated efforts that we made in the past. We’ve planted seeds of love and left them unattended, now they’re coming into full bloom. This is an auspicious time for those who are in balance with their feminine Lunar energy. You’ll be getting a dose of proof as to why leading life from a place of love pays off in big ways.

This is also a time of renewal of commitment. If you are in partnership you may find yourself feeling more devoted to your lover and hopeful about the future than ever before. Allow yourself to express freely the love energy flowing through you as you feel it. If you single you may find yourself feeling a wave of focused energy towards the goal closest to your heart. Ride the wave. Write your ideas down!

Today’s Mansion is “The Knight”

The transformative power of Pluto coming together with the sensitive nature of the moon provides us with an opportunity to stand deeper into our expressive selves. This Mansion is a very heroic one and the most blessed aspect of this is that it allows us to be our own hero, breaking us free from any chains around our voice that keep us from expressing our truths. This is the time to say what’s on your heart, say it with feeling and do it unapologetically. Whether you feel that expressing yourself will bring you joy or you fear it might bring you discomfort, by allowing yourself to speak freely about what’s on your heart you begin to break the bonds of fear that keep you from being your real self and thus you invite more love into your life. Regardless of the outcome you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and much more free for giving yourself the gift of truth.

Tonight’s guardian of the Moon is The Red Goddess Hera. Hera was the Greek Goddess of Marriage and fertility and was the Queen of Olympus. Though she was the Queen of the immortals Hera bore a heavy crown. Hera was the wife of Zeus but the marriage was anything but happy for the Queen. Zeus had countless affairs with other goddesses and mortals alike and had many demigod children who became heroes upon the Earth. Hera remained an obedient wife and rather than confronting Zeus she channeled all her frustrations into sabotaging the lives of Zeus’ lovers and their children, even though Zeus’ lovers often didn’t have much choice in the affairs. Most famously Hera poisoned Hercules’ mind with madness which led him to murder his family and ultimately set him on course for the most epic redemption story. Hera’s story is one of the saddest in my opinion. I feel that her story should be a warning to us all of the dangers of swallowing your truths and allowing yourself to be hurt by others. Staying in silence turned Hera’s emotions into rage and she bitterly attacked every source but the one who had actually wounded her. Although Zeus was blinded by power and ignorantly brushed his wife aside I believe the person who caused Hera the most pain was herself because she never rose for herself. It is so important to know that your feelings are valid and worth standing behind regardless of how they are going to be received by others. It is incredibly healing to your soul just to hear its truth echoed by your voice. To honor Hera do what she didn’t have the strength to and let your voice clear a path of freedom before you.


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