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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Intimacy comes in many forms. One thing that is for certain is that intimacy walks hand in hand in vulnerability. To experience true intimacy you must be willing to let the walls of protection you’ve built around your heart crumble. You must be willing to give love as well as be willing to receive love. Sounds simple enough but in truth many people find giving love safer than receiving love. They find comfort in giving to others but a deep fear in letting anyone get too close to themselves out of fear of mishandling or betrayal.

Yes vulnerability does put us at the risk of having our hearts mishandled but it puts us at even greater risk at experiencing everything we’ve ever longed for. We must ask ourselves if love if not worth the risk, then what is?

Intimacy in truth is a foreign concept to many as

there is a misbelief that sex equates to intimacy.

Intimacy is tenderness, understanding, openness, trust and wild abandon. All of these can exist in a multitude of things besides sexual intercourse. It’s experiencing these things outside of sex that brings intimacy into sex. You can easily undress someone and allow your bodies to join together. But if you cannot laugh easily with that person, cry freely, be your most authentic self and share the parts of you you keep hidden from the rest of the world, then you are not being intimate.

Take some time to discover some new ways that you might like to make love without the obligation of sex.

The language of love is infinite & it is quite possible to make love all day long without shedding a single layer of clothes.

Some of my favorite ways to make love are


*exploring new places

*trying & sharing new treats

*looking into each other’s eyes

*listening & being listened to

*driving & listening to music

*observing nature

*sharing a joint

*back rubs

*reading beneath a tree

*treasure hunts at the thrift store

*sending each other new music

*writing love poetry


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