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Today’s moon is a waxing gibbous in the sign of the intuitive of the deep, Pisces.

When a waxing gibbous Moon falls in this sign the veil between imagination and reality begins to feel illusionary. We may have trouble deciphering what lies in truth and what is a creation of our wandering minds.

Rather than leaping into action this is a time to surrender to the notion of stillness. A reckless/restless mind paired with a heart more tender than usual may have our better judgement slipping through our fingers like water. This is no reason to alarm, instead allow yourself to exist in the present moment of today. Rest in simplicity and know that no action needs to be taken until the sun rises on a new morning. Enjoy your peace of mind. If your imagination tends to wander today let it take you to places of your most wildest fantasies. Explore the reaches of your own mind. Taste the flavor of your own mental seduction, but worry not.

The mansion our moon falls in today is known as “The Sleeper”

When we reside in the sleeper this is often a time of deep emotional undercurrents hidden beneath the surface of our being. Though we may feel we are literally bursting with emotion rather than acting on our impulses this is a time to rest and enjoy time in solitude. Our emotions are deeply connected to our intuition in endless union, when we allow ourselves to rest and recharge we are entering a highly psychic state. This is the time where we are summoning guidance and divine energy to help us tackle life with grace when we are ready to emerge.

Whatever is weighing on your mind or heart today must be addressed another day. The act of divine rest must be complete and then you may journey onward, lighter.

The moon Goddess who relates to the sign of Pisces is the White(moon) Goddess Ishtar. She is known to her followers as “mother of the fruitful breast” and is often pictured as half priestess half warrior representative of the two sides of her character - Warrior and lover. Fierce beauty exemplified if ya ask me


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