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Today we have a waning gibbous moon in the sign of Leo! While the moon is in the sign of the Lion Heart one of the big themes for us is allowing ourselves to be inspired by others. Art is an everflowing cycle of creation and inspiration. Every great artist found inspiration somewhere whether it be by another artist’s work, by someone they love or simply by the muses of the universe. In any case it is important to recognize the sources of your creative wealth. The more you acknowledge the things that move you the more you be moved by them. You will also find yourself more open to receive other sources of creative inspiration. Don’t think that to be inspired by others means to lack originality. At the end of the day we are reflections of the same great consciousness but no two reflections are the same. We could never truly create something identical in artistry because no two of us will ever have the exact same perceptions of reality.

Tonight’s Mansion is “Fortuna”

The Sun and Jupiter come together in Harmony as they rule over this Mansion. The Sun is a power of creative expression and Jupiter is a planet of good fortune and expansion, so when these two forces dance together it is an extremely favorable time to invest your energy into your creativity. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, it is vital to know you have unlimited stores of creativity. Everyone just expresses their creative magic differently. What may be art for one person may be chaos for another, simply be willing to give your all to something that wakes the fire in your belly. Even if you don’t find instant gratification for your creative endeavors, planting seeds with determination today will ensure a plentiful harvest when the time is right. Remember, creativity can be the key to giving you a free life.

Today our Lunar Goddess is the Red Goddess Isis.

Isis is one of the most beloved deities in the modern world and that is no exception in my personal world. Isis was the mother of Horus who’s all seeing eye is known to most of the world. Isis herself was a patron of creativity and gave the people of Egypt the tools they needed to weave and spin as well as the knowledge to heal themselves through Earth Magic. One of her most long lasting influences was the introduction of the concept of marriage to the people so that they could normalize the great love found in commitment.

If you are looking to live a life with greater creative fulfillment as well as to strengthen your commitment to yourself and others Isis is without a doubt a Goddess you wish to invite into your world. If you hold within you a creative spirit and a pure heart she will certainly answer your call.


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