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Island of Jewels talks about the power in finding spiritual fulfillment through occultism. For many the word “occult” strikes a chord or fear. That fear leads them to believe that occultism is dark sided but I’m truth when you break down the word it simply means belief in the unseen dimensions. The twelve jewels pictured on the card are in reference to the powerful Archetypal language of Astrology. The language of Archetypes is ever flowing, truly impossible to find an end or beginning. Astrology just happens to be the most well known of Archetypal symbols. The maiden of

Virgo, Scorpion of Scorpio, Crab of Cancer to name a few are symbols that to most are instantly recognizable. As many individuals who step away from occultism as a whole there are many more who shun astrology as make believe. Personally, I believe the main reason people can’t find, or choose not to find truth in astrology is one hand because they stop at Sun signs, merely reading generic horoscopes printed in magazines or online. On the other hand people generally don’t like to be told they are exactly like others, which is a misconception that tends to be spread by only knowing one’s sun sign. In truth the deeper you get into astrology you realize the language of the stars show you the power in your individuality. It shows you how the precise moment you decided to take your first breath made you powerfully unique. It is highly unlikely that you will meet someone in your life who has the same exact placements as you. Part of what makes Astrology so powerful is not only does it show you where your greatest gifts and potential lie, it also shows you where your shadows are. For example, In my world being a Virgo Sun I know I have the potential to be deeply discerning, dedicated and with the capacity to absorb knowledge in a way that is almost unrivaled. However, I must also be aware of the fact I have the potential to be overly critical of others and hold them to incredibly high standards. Having that knowledge in my back pocket allows me to discern whether I am standing in unconditional love or if perhaps I am pushing others to reach for stars and experiences that aren’t resonate to their journey. If we were to look deeper at my moon sign, Sagittarius we could uncover I have the potential to explore great heights both internally and externally as well as be seen as an eternal optimist. However, the shadow realms of this sign may lead me to be frivolous, noncommittal and in extreme cases raging. This knowledge allows me to discern and utilize the art of balance. So, my invitation today is to dive deeper into your own language within the stars that have been transcribed just for you. For those reading this today who are already familiar with their astrological placements my invitation is to go deeper. Truly this is an ocean of self knowledge with no bottom.

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