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There are more lightworkers and healers on this planet than we would ever be able to count, each with their own totally unique healing abilities and contributions for the world. The one commonality between them besides the desire to bring greater light to the world is the legacy and lineage of light they carry within

their beings.

An even deeper pool of accessibility to Spirit is available once we stand in the knowledge that to be a lightworker in this lifetime we must carry a long history of ancestral light and magic within our beings. By allowing yourself to reach backwards into the arms of time and begin working with your ancestral magic you open yourself up to doorways of opportunity as well as healing all the way down your line of light.

It is so important to realize that it is never just you alone in the mission to bring greater love into this planet. Upon realizing this is a mission handed down to you from your ancestors of light you may rest in the certainty that every aspect of your destiny that is meant to be fulfilled in this lifetime will be, just as their destinies were fulfilled before you.

Whenever you find yourself standing in uncertainty, questioning your impact in this world ask your ancestors for help in revealing the divine plan, ask them for physical signs in your world that bare messages of guidance and love. Ask with an open heart and from a place of grace and you will always receive the help you’ve asked for.

Remember, you’re not on your light mission alone. Invite love in to show you the way


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