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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Sometimes we think it is better to let our Masculine energy take the lead in our endeavors. We try to force things to happen and exert our control over the way situations in our life begin to unfold. There is a much softer way to get results that are much more beneficial. Tune into your feminine energy and let it be your guide. We do this by honoring our sensitivity, listening to our intuition, trusting in something bigger than ourselves and flowing rather than trying to swim against the current.

There will be moments and situations that unfold that you simply cannot wrap your mind around. This is the time to tune into your heart, your sensitivity. Your heart can lead you places that lie in a restless minds blind spot. What do you feel? It’s important to make sure you always ask yourself.

Intuition is a gift given to us all. It lies in wait giving us gentle nudges until the moment we finally decide to acknowledge the little voice coming from within. The more we acknowledge the little voice the louder and louder it becomes until we fully recognize it as an integral part of our beings. Intuition can create a river on your life’s path for you to flow effortlessly through. Even when obstacles appear you’ll have the wisdom and insight to flow around it.

Trust is key in reaching fulfillment. In every manifesting period you get to a point where physically you can do no more and you must surrender your faith into the universe for it to do its part. This is the most crucial part of manifestation. By handing your dream over to the universe and saying “okay, you take care of the rest” you are declaring your oneness with the divine itself as well as showing your understanding that things will work out to your highest good.

Flow over force is always the wisest and least depleting choice. When we try to force things we often get lured into a tunnel vision which keeps us from noticing important messages and tips from the divine. When we flow we see all that we are meant to. Our messages can easily find their way to us because they no longer have to fight to be seen amongst the chaos.

Some ways to balance your feminine energy are:

*working with the colors black & silver

*meditation or yoga



*adorning yourself with jewelry or clothing that makes you feel your most powerful

*spending time in nature


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