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The essence of Living Goddess is about the reclamation and embodiment of powerful divine feminine energy. A being that learns to find sustenance through their connection to divine feminine energy is a being who is making direct contact to the pools of universal love. In order to be a truly balanced, creative or successful individual connection to the feminine essence is absolutely essential. While the prowess of masculine energy is also of great importance it is feminine energy that is often minimized with intuition, fantasy and sensual awareness being written off as frivolous behavior and too dreamy to contain true substance. When in fact it is the realm of dreams which brings color to our waking world.

Whether you present as masculine or feminine, whether you identify as man, woman or any free being in between the invitation is this: recognize the power of your sensitivity. To feel is to be divine. Never allow anybody to minimize the strength of your sensitivity as weakness. Recognize the gifts of fantasy and imagination as the tools required to bring the spirals of manifestation into motion. Remember, fantasy is the conception space for manifestation. Also, remember that fantasy brings Destiny to your doorstep. The divine wants you to ENVISION what true pleasure and fulfillment look like. Recognize that femininity has nothing to do with gender and is entirely about the divine love energy in its most graceful form.

Let yourself feel even when it hurts, know that you are weaving the future with your own hands even if it’s one tear at a time. Let yourself dream even when it seems impossible. The divine truly can make rivers even in the most barren of deserts when you are sitting in the clarity of belief that anything is possible. Allow yourself to be in a space of complete vulnerability within yourself and in connection to the divine and the world around you. It takes true strength to be in a place of surrender & openness to life and its unpredictable experiences, to do so with courage is one of the greatest acts of a Living Goddess.


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