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Today our Lunar Goddess takes the form of a waning crescent in the sign of Capricorn. Tonight’s mansion known as “Wedding” is ruled by Saturn and Venus. With the energy of Saturn which embodies societal norms and morality coming into union with Venus who’s energy highlights the desire to cast a beautiful rose hue upon the surface of things one of the major focuses of today’s energy is conformity. The naming of the Mansion “Wedding” has little to do with romance and much more to do with the idea of binding ourselves to things outside of our being do to a sense of obligation. We are asked to take stock of the things in our world we are dedicated to. Do we align ourselves to relationships & environments from a sense of love or is it more so societal pressure? Of all the most profound gifts we are given by the Divine free will seems to be the one that is handed away or taken for granted the most often. Use the energy of today’s moon to unearth your personal power and discern which environments allow the gardens of our soul to flourish and which are like weeds ready to be plucked. Remember, you are not obligated to do anything. Don’t get caught up in notions of good or bad, what is right or wrong. Instead, focus on authenticity and truth. From there the pathway to the heights of fulfillment can be cleared.


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