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All that we wish to be in this life we have to

power to bring to life. Within our beings we hold the keys for transformation that inevitably lead to manifestation. All we must do to move this spiral of manifestation into motion is act as if we already are everything that we are hoping to one day become.

By standing in the present moment exuding the confidence and happiness that you expect to one day receive from a particular goal you have already begun the process of pulling it towards you. The universe wants to see how much much you trust what’s to come and how willing you are to celebrate your success even

without physical evidence.

For example if you wish to be professional dancer one day you must hold yourself in the esteem of that profession now, seeing yourself as a performer, working with your costumes, channeling routines and working to release and fears you may have about being in the spotlight.

If you wish to be a wealthy business owner you must first look at your relationship with your finances, you must learn the ins and outs of the business you want to create and you must create step by step research and action plans about the assistance you may one day need to receive.

The best way to describe this is that you must create an internal world that can sustain the reality that you’re asking to create. If you can first create a harmonious and prosperous internal world then your outer world will soon reflect it. This is the simplicity of the law of attraction.


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